The East Coast Railway Restored on Friday, August 4, 2017

No more ordeal, no privations and no isolation on all fronts for the people living near the Antananarivo-East Coast (TCE) railway line, precisely for the rural communes of Lohariandava, Razanaka, Fanasana and Anivorano Est. which totally depend on the railway.


The Sanjavavy-Lohariandava railway bridge (PK 215.6) destroyed by cyclone Enawo five (5) months ago, was also rebuilt. It must be admitted that these rural communes are only served by the TCE railway; and since the collapse of the Sanjavavy bridge, the inhabitants had to walk more than thirty kilometers on foot, through mountains and valleys, spanning streams and rivers to reach the nearest road, the national road (RN2) which connects Antananarivo to Toamasina, either to evacuate men's products or to reach a hospital worthy of the name.

With the highway project from the capital to Toamasina, one can only wonder about the fate of these rural communes far from major highways. Meanwhile, it is President Rajaonarimampianina who took the train from Brickaville to join and inaugurate this Lohariandava bridge on August 3, 2017, then taking the artery of economic and social life along 65 km of a whole population of nearly of 20,000 souls.

The Head of State was aware of the role of the Sanjavavy Bridge and encouraged residents to protect the environment, to reforest. He reassured them that "the development must resume and they will no longer be isolated" because he promised the rehabilitation and equipment of the Lohariandava Basic Health Center II, the construction of a library and access internet for young people.,23169.html

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