The biodiversity of Madagascar


100,000 different species make up the invertebrate fauna of Madagascar. We classify insects, all of which are endemic to our Great Island. Researchers believe that several species are yet to be discovered. Among the 400 species of butterflies, the superb comet butterfly called Argema Mittrei will surprise more than one entomologist with its wingspan of 15 cm


Amphibians and Reptiles

250 species of reptiles, 95% of which are endemic to Madagascar! The fauna of reptiles counts:

• About 60 species of snakes, including 3 from Boas

• A good ten species of Geckos: The geckos are reptiles, squamates. Commonly called "lizard"

• A fifty species of chameleons: the smallest known is the Brookesia Minima with its 3.5 cm long.

• The Nile Crocodile (crocodilus Niloticus), a species that has become rare because of hunting, no longer exists in the wild.

180 species of amphibians, 98% of which are endemic: Discophus antogili or Mantella Aurantiaca

Birds and mammals

Madagascar is home to about 250 bird species, including Ispidina madagascariensis Coua cristata and Foudia madagascariensis.

Among mammals, there are about 150 species and subspecies. Primates such as lemurs are the best known. Their habitat tends to disappear, their survival is also considered very threatened: deforestation, cultivation of the tavy, the hunt to tie them identification rings or to eat them simply or installation of tourist structures near their territory, as much actions that directly threaten their social life. The most famous names are Indri indri, Daubentania madagascariensis, Lemur catta, Varecia variegata variegata, Cheirogaleus medius, and finally Microcebus rufus, which is the smallest of them.

The famous Fosa or Cryptoprocta ferox, nocturnal and carnivorous mammal is identified as one of the predators of lemurs or farmyard peasants living close to its natural habitat.

The humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae)

It is possible to observe them from July to October off or near Nosy Boraha, Sainte-Marie Island, which is considered one of the world's breeding spots for the species.

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