10 Expert tips Pangalanes Channel

For adventurous or backpacker travelers, 10 Expert tips and  9 gates to enter the Pangalanes Canal.

Of course, you can choose to use local means of transport, bush boats or boats from certain agencies.

For security reasons, we advise you, however, to surround yourself with professional and formal guides, with their registration badges in the Guide Register. You can inquire at Office Régional du Tourisme de Tamatave (Toamasina)

This is the adress of Office Régional du Tourisme de Tamatave :

Office regional du tourisme tamatave toamasina

Office de tourisme à Toamasina

Adresse : Rue Lieutenant Noël Ambohimanga, Toamasina

It is located towards the seaside. You can take a Bajaj to take you there. Considering the price of the race, it should not be deprived of it. It's a very small agency office.

Hours of opening :

Open ⋅ often closed according to our experience

Phone : 020 53 302 05 and accueil.ortt@gmail.com ou direction.ortt@gmail.com

Carte touristique Madagascar

Holidays Madagascar recommends the following 7 gates to reach the Pangalanes Canal

  • Tamatave (Toamasina) Le Port fluvial.
  • Vatomandry
  • Mahanoro
  • Mananjary
  • Manakara

Here are 10 expert tips from Holidays Madagascar guides for a successful experience on the Pangalanes Canal

You have chosen to join the Pangalanes Canal or surround yourself with our services as long-time experts, here are the useful and necessary advice from the guides of Holidays Madagascar.


  • Respect the US and CUSTOMS and TABOUS (FADY) of the regions and populations visited. They offer you their hospitality.
  • Bring mosquito repellent: ointments or lemon grass essence. And above all protect your ankle, the favorite place for mosquitoes in Manambato. Their bites are painful. (Personal experiences).
  • Do not forget to equip yourself with :
    • Sunscreens, depending on the sensitivity of your skin.
    • Hat: We recommend wide-brimmed hats, which also cover the back of your neck. You can buy some before boarding otherwise, consult  here our annuaire des artisans.
    • Don't forget the sunglasses. Real ones ! Depending on the sensitivity of your eyes. Note that you are sailing for long hours on the Canal des Pangalanes. The reverberation can be very strong depending on the season and the weather.
  • Include a raincoat among your clothes. The East Coast enjoys a hot and humid climate.
  • Provide a waterproof cover for your cameras or smartphones. Friend's advice !! Here's an old backpacker's advice : Whether it's a backpack or suitcase, put your clothes in a large garbage bag before putting them in the container. So if it rains or if your luggage falls into the water, your belongings will be spared.
  • Another piece of advice from the experts at Holidays Madagascar, bring fleeces, light, but effective to protect you from the cold in the evening.
  • Bring your swimsuits: there are many possibilities for swimming. We particularly like swimming in the Lac Ampitabe devant l’embarcadère de Akanin’nofy. The water is so transparent !
pangalanes holidays Madagascar akany nofy
  • Walking shoes or sandals: for visiting the reserves or walking on the beach.
  • Do not forget your toiletry bag or your personal pharmacy and personal prescription. In this regard, for people who follow a long-term treatment, always have your medicine kit with you, even for a trip, however short it may be. Above all, inform your guide from the first contact. He will be able to intervene more efficiently and quickly.
  • And finally, get yourself a flashlight or a headlamp. Get into the habit of checking their loads in the evening or in the morning.

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