Village eco-lodges on the Pangalanes Canal

Village eco-lodges on the Pangalanes Channel Les cocotiers d'Andovoranto


On the Pangalanes Canal in Madagascar, two villages have created their own tourist activity. Cooperatives made up of inhabitants of the villages manage eco-lodges which welcome national and international tourists in bungalows between the Indian Ocean and the canal. Part of the benefits of the eco-lodges are used for the implementation of projects of common interest.

This ecotourism development project on the Pangalanes Canal was implemented within the framework of decentralized cooperation between the Atsinanana region and the Rhône-Alpes region.

Tetraktys Coopération pour un développement harmonieux des territoires.

Tétraktys est une ONG de développement local implantée dans les Alpes. Depuis 24 ans, son ambition est d’exporter à l’international les savoir-faire alpins en matière de développement rural.

Tétraktys is an NGO specialized in local development based in the French Alps.   For the last 24 years, they have been dedicated to sharing their expertise in rural development with communities all over the world.

Tétraktys is intimately connected with the history of rural development in the French Alps.

Born of a shared desire to offer a professional approach to rural development, Tétraktys was formed in 1994 as part of a collaboration between three organizations specialized in rural and mountain tourism : AFRAT (Association pour la Formation des Ruraux aux Activités de Tourisme), CRET (Centre Régional et Européen du Tourisme) and the GTA (Grande Traversée des Alpes).

Together, these three organizations constitute a complementary network of experts able to respond to the challenges associated with territorial planning and development :

  • Protection and promotion of natural and cultural sites
  • creation of hiking and trekking itineraries
  • training for guides and tourist service providers
  • creation of planning documents

Today, Tétraktys is at the hub of a regional network of experts : elected officials and mountain communities, innovative businesses, tourism professionals, educational establishments and universities, institutions and organizations.

  • Our areas of expertise:
    • technical engineering
    • environmental preservation
    • protection and promotion of heritage
    • education and training
    • regional promotion
    • project management
Our areas of intervention:
  • rural tourism
  • territorial planning and development
  • access to drinking water
  • environment
  • culture
  • global citizenship


Association Tétraktys

5 rue Frederico Garcia Lorca
38 000 Grenoble

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Tél : 33 (0)4 38 70 02 14
Fax: 33 (0)9 81 70 38 14

The other participating partner associations

  • L’Office Régional du Tourisme de Tamatave
  • L’écolodge Les Orchidées d’Andranokoditra
  • Les Cocotiers d’Andovoranto



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