Mahambo surf and turf

Mahambo surf and turf

Mahambo is more than just a paradise for surfers, although it is considered to be the best spot in Madagascar.

Its outstanding appeal makes it one of the most visited places on the Big Island.

Here the houses have roofs made of dried ravinala leaves and further architectural details, which make Mahambo a typical village of the Betsimisaraka country. In addition, it's warm and humid climate, characteristic for the eastern region of Madagascar, fosters the development of luxuriant and tranquil vegetation. The reception and hospitality of the villagers will ensure that you have a wonderful time in this eastern town. At the beach, get acquainted with the culture of the region like the Betsimisaraka braids, admire the horizon of the Indian Ocean together with the children and mothers who are impatiently waiting for their fathers to return from the fishing grounds, at the end of the day. This daily rhythm of life by the locals has preserved the authenticity of the village.

As soon as you enter the village, on the left side of the road, you will notice the turquoise water and hear the sound of the waves that welcome you.

Explore this dream place on a quad, mountain bike, or motocross for further adventures and thrills. Rentals are available at Toamasina. Some operators also offer horse rides. On your next stay in the eastern part of Madagascar, pick this destination − it's worth a visit.

Source: Prime Magazine

The best adress at Mahambo is "la Pirogue" Ask Dominique Lallemand from Us !

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