Madagascar Mangroves - a time lapse video by WWF Madagascar

A special time lapse video of Madagascar's northwestern mangrove region around  Antsatrana.

A time lapse journey through the beauty of rural northern Madagascar showing nature, wildlife and the everyday life of Malagasy people.

Enjoy watching chameleons, mangroves, traditional pirogues, tidal floodings, the night sky and much more.

Over 15,000 pictures of raw footage, over 50 hours in the field, tons of post-processing, all condensed in this four minute video.

Most of the footage was shot in Antsatrana, a small fishing village in the Bay of Ambaro, about half way between Ambanja and Ambilobe in the DIANA region in north-western Madagascar. The village is situated in the middle of a tropical mangrove ecosystem, about 5 km (3 miles) off the coast to the Mozambique Channel.

The film features many scenes related to tidal events (high and low tides) and presents the mangrove ecosystem from a time lapse point of view, including also its use by the local Malagasy people living in Antsatrana. The footage was shot during a volunteer assignment (Sept. - Dec. 2013) with WWF, the global conservation organization. The project is part of WWF Madagascar's climate change adaptation program and WWF International's Youth Volunteer Program. Find out more at:

Music: A New Dawn by Olive Musique

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